A big cat state in phase space

About bigQ

...to radically advance our understanding of macroscopic quantum effects and to exploit these macroscopic effects for demonstrating quantum supremacy

bigQ - Center for Macroscopic Quantum States is a Danish National Research Foundation Center of Excellence. Initiated in January 2018, the objectives of bigQ are to generate, control and detect
macroscopic quantum states of optical and mechanical systems. In particular, we aim to hybridize three exciting and promising technological platforms, namely continuous variable non-classical light, mechanical oscillators and color centers in diamond.

The center leader is Ulrik Lund Andersen, co-PIs are Alexander Huck, Tobias Gehring, and Jonas Schou Neergaard-Nielsen, while Tine Hougaard Klitmøller is the center administrator. Jonatan Bohr Brask and Ulrich Busk Hoff are also associated with bigQ. All members of bigQ are furthermore organized in the QPIT section (Quantum Physics and Information Technology) of DTU Physics, so the activities you find at QPIT are also representative of bigQ.

28 MAY 2024