Cavity shows the way

Project descriptions

We are looking for people on a variety of projects.

PhD and postdoc projects in quantum-enhanced sensing using NV centers in diamond

Our main goal is to radically advance the performance of our magnetic field sensors based on Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond using novel quantum protocols; and eventually use the advanced sensors in detecting minute brain signals. These studies will be carried out in collaboration with neurophysiologists from Copenhagen University, Hvidovre hospital and DTU Electro.

PhD and postdoc projects in quantum non-linearities based on color centers in diamond

Giant non-linear transformations are realizable by interfacing a two-level system with an optical field inside a micro-cavity. In this project, we will use color centers in diamond placed inside a high quality fiber cavity to enable a deterministic non-Gaussian transformation of a propagating light field.  

PhD and postdoc projects in continuous variable quantum information processing

In this project, we will generate macroscopic CV quantum states of light (squeezed, entangled and novel non-Gaussian states) and use these states for the realization of CV quantum communication and quantum computation protocols. We will use similar schemes for the realization of extreme quantum sensing and for foundational tests of quantum mechanics.

PhD and postdoc projects in continuous variable quantum opto-mechanics   

We plan to steer high-Q mechanical oscillators into the quantum regime using the unique toolbox of CV quantum information science. Using CV quantum states, low-loss CV detection schemes and CV protocols, we aim at generating and characterizing non-classical states of novel mechanical oscillators.    

PhD and postdoc projects in diamond quantum opto-mechanics

A spin-mechanical interface will be constructed in this project. We will couple spins of Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond to extremely high-Q mechanical oscillators in order to coherently control the macroscopic state of the oscillator. The ultimate aim is to prepare the oscillator in a non-Gaussian state through spin-control.    

PhD and postdoc projects in CV theoretical quantum information processing

In this project we will develop new quantum error correcting codes (including distillation and purification codes) for CV quantum communication and CV quantum computation. Existing codes are very challenging to implement experimentally, and thus the sole aim is to develop codes that are more practical. We also aim at developing new and practical CV quantum communication protocols and CV computer algorithms.
4 AUGUST 2020