18 OCT

Blanket of light may give better quantum computers

A ‘blanket’ of thousands of quantum-mechanically entangled light pulses has the potential to pave the way for more powerful quantum computers.

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Optics
12 JAN

bigQ opened with a squeeze

BigQ was officially inaugurated on 12 January 2018 at a ceremony involving mobile-controlled squeezing, James Bond, cluster states, and diamond cheese.

02 NOV

Vanguard of quantum society

A new basic research centre at DTU aims to secure Denmark a leading international position in the field of quantum technology. At the same time, the University is advancing...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
01 SEP

DHL relay race

Even faster

14 JUN

Haitham receives Villum Experiment project

The VILLUM Experiment grant has been  created for exceptional research projects that challenge the norm and have the potential to fundamentally change the way we approach...

27 MAR

Everybody can lay their hands on quantum technology

Today a new educational laboratory for quantum technology was inaugurated at the Technical University of Denmark. Here visitors can experiment with some of the most fascinating...

Photo: Ulrich Busk Hoff
28 FEB

Course on quantum physics with experiments

Seven students are the first to have completed a course in experimental quantum technology, where the difficult theory has been transformed into something more tangible...

02 FEB

Collaboration prepares DTU for quantum future

A DTU-wide collaboration called Quantum DTU is to secure DTU national and international leadership when the quantum millions are being distributed over the coming years...

23 DEC

First 2D Distributed-Phase-Reference QKD protocol (DPTS)

In a recent publication in Scientific Reports, researchers from SPOC at DTU Photonics have introduced the first two-dimensional protocol for distributed-phase-reference...

14 DEC

The quantum computers of the future will work equally well with encrypted and...

When future users of quantum computers need to analyze their data or run quantum algorithms, they will often have to send encrypted information to the computer. Because...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Systems and data security
14 DEC

Continuous-variable quantum computing on encrypted data

When future users of quantum computers need to analyze their data or run quantum algorithms, they will often have to send encrypted information to the computer. Because...

29 NOV

Squeezed states of light can improve feedback cooling significantly

In a recent proof-of-principle experiment, published in Nature Communications, researchers from DTU Physics have demonstrated how quantum-engineered states of light can...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Light sources
13 OCT

DTU receiving share of DKK 20 million for new research facilities

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science has allocated DKK 20 million (EUR 2.7 million) for new quantum technology research facilities at the University of...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
06 OCT

Measurement-induced macroscopic superposition states in cavity optomechanics

Researchers from the QPIT section at DTU Physics have conceived a new optomechanical protocol for generating Schrödinger cat-like states of a mechanical oscillator, adding...

01 OCT


Welcome to the PhD-student Dino.

02 SEP

DHL relay race

Faster and faster

01 SEP

Two new members of QPIT

Welcome to Nitin and Aleksander.

25 AUG

Is it possible to prepare quantum states of “heavy” objects?

A new project at DTU Physics has set out to examine whether heavy objects like cantilevers and springs can be steered into quantum states. The question is one of the most...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Sensors
01 AUG

Two new PhD-students

We welcome the two new PhD-students Arne and Mikkel.

07 APR

The beginning of commercial quantum technology

So far, quantum physics has mainly been a theoretical discipline. Now, a major EURO 10,7 million investment by Innovation Fund Denmark will further develop the mysterious...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Sensors Systems and data security Health and diseases
01 APR

Ulrich is back

Ulrich Busk Hoff is back in the group after half a year in Australia.

07 JAN

A top five research of the year

Every year in December the Danish journal  Ingeniøren elects the best Danish research results of the year in the fields of natural and technical sciences. Among the 2015...

Information technology Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Systems and data security
01 JAN

New members of QPIT

We have three new people in the QPIT group.

22 DEC

A top five research of the year

Measurement device independent QKD has been chosen as the top five research of 2015 in Året Rundt edition of Ingeniøren.

09 DEC

Hugo Defended

Hugo successfully defended his PhD thesis on Squeezing-enhanced feedback cooling of a microresonator .

01 NOV

Mads in the House

New PhD student

01 OCT

Welcome to Xueshi and Shuro

Xueshi joins us as a postdoc and Shuro visits as guest PhD student

01 SEP

Q-pitsters racing at the speed of light

(in a strongly dispersive material, at least...)

11 AUG

A gentle quantum touch with high precision

Highly sensitive measurements of biological samples can be realized by laser light in e.g. an optical microscope. However, light might also damage or alter the fragile...

23 JUN

Ulrik awarded Sapere Aude grant

Ulrik receives the prestigious Sapere Aude: DFF-Advanced Grant

Quantum theory and atomic physics Optics Light sources
29 MAY

One step closer to secure Internet communication

Every day, most of us transmit personal data over the Internet. Secure communication is thus an absolute necessity. In a new article in Nature Photonics, researchers...

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Systems and data security Telecommunication
18 MAY

Ulrich Defended

After a fascinating defense, Ulrich concluded his PhD thesis on Integrated Quantum Optics, Experiments towards integrated quantum-light sources and quantum-enhanced sensing...

23 JAN

Grant from Villum Foundation

Jonas has been awarded a postdoc grant under the VILLUM FONDEN Young Investigator Programme.

15 DEC

Alexander and Sepehr

Two new PhD students in the group: Alexander Stark and Sepehr Ahmadi

01 DEC

Timur Iskhakov - H.C. Ørsted postdoc

Timur Iskhakov from Russia joins our group on a H.C. Ørsted stipend

01 APR

Three new members

On 1 April, no less than three new members joined the QPIT section: Haitham, Ruben and Kristian.

19 MAR


01 MAR

Controlled routing of plasmons in Nano Letters

The work on routing of single plasmons with silver nanowires was published in Nano Letters

01 DEC

Tobias Gehring - H.C. Ørsted postdoc

Tobias Gehring from Germany was granted one of the prestigious H.C. Ørsted postdoc stipends and will join our group for two years.

15 NOV

Hao Fu - new post doc

Hao Fu from China has joined our group as a post doc for one year.

29 OCT

Quantum error code correction in PRL

We published our experimental demonstration of a quantum error code correction protocol in Physical Review Letters.

01 SEP

Welcome to Clemens and Christian

Two new PhD students starts their project at QPIT in September.

17 JUL

Quantum super resolution

We have developed and experimentally realized a new method for achieving super resolution in imaging.

28 MAY article about teleportation

The Danish online science news magazine published an article about the teleportation experiment Jonas worked on in Tokyo.

24 MAY

Amplifying Schrödinger cat states

Amine's calculations on amplification of Schrödinger cat-like states by homodyne heralded detection were published in Physical Review A.

18 MAR

Distilling strong entanglement from a weakly entangled source

We published our recent theoretical results on displacement-enhanced entanglement distillation in Optics Express.

18 MAR

Article in Applied Physics Letters

Shailesh investigates the single NV-center coupling to the apex and end-to-end aligned silver nanowires.

01 MAR

Shailesh in Nano Letters

The work of Shailesh on coupling a single NV-center to a plasmonic gap was published in Nano Letters.

26 FEB

Ulrik receives the EliteForsk Award!!

Every year, five outstanding young researchers receive the EliteForsk Award, one of Denmark's most prestigious research awards. This year, our very own Professor Ulrik...

26 FEB

It's raining master students - Hallelujah!

This spring, three new master students joined our group. We're happy to welcome Christian, Elisa and Louise.

15 JAN

Cats, computers, sudoku and quanta has published a popular science article by Ulrich and Ulrik about the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics, the quantum computer and related research in Denmark.

04 JAN

Grant from A.N. Neergaard

Direktør, Dr. Techn. A.N. Neergaard og Hustrus foundation granted 50,000 DKK to Jonas.

22 OCT

New master student

Michael Sejer Wismer has decided to join our group for his master project.

22 OCT

Article accepted

Quantum key distribution article accepted in Nature communication.

17 OCT

Hugo upgraded

Hugo Kerdoncuff defended his master thesis, Feedback cooling of an optical microresonator , on 23 August 2012 and decided to stay in our group for a PhD starting from...

17 OCT

Lars upgraded

Lars Skovgaard Madsen successfully defended his PhD thesis, Quantum information processing with mesoscopic photonic states , on 4 October 2012, and decided to stay in...

17 OCT

Shailesh upgraded

Shailesh Kumar defended his PhD thesis, Coupling of Quantum Emitters in Nanodiamonds to Plasmonic Structures , on 18 September 2012, and is now pursuing his researchs...

11 OCT

Alex promoted

Alexander Huck was promoted Assistant Professor on 1 August 2012.

12 JUN

Doctor Anders

With a stunning performance on 11 June 2012, Anders successfully defended his ph.d. thesis, Generation of optical coherent state superpositions for quantum information...

08 MAY

Niels upgraded

Niels Israelsen Kristiansen completed his master project, An on-chip efficient single photon source , in March. He was so excited by the research in the diamond lab that...

08 MAY

Mario defends

Mario Usuga becomes the second ph.d. student to graduate from our group at DTU. He defended his thesis, On quantum amplifiers, quantum discrimination and adaptive phase...

08 MAY

Hugo is here

Hugo Kerdoncuff has started as a master student on the microtoroid experiment.

06 FEB

Jonas receives Sapere Aude grant

DFF grants additional post doc funding

06 FEB

Bachelor students, Spring 2012

We welcome three students to our group.

03 FEB


Our paper titled "Experimental demonstration of a Hadamard gate for coherent state qubits" has been published in Physical Review A.

03 FEB

Coherent state discrimination (Physical Review Letters)

Our work on " Demonstration of Coherent-State Discrimination Using a Displacement-Controlled" has been published in Physical Review Letters    

03 FEB


Our work on Quadrature-Squeezed Plasmons i Gold Waveguides have been published in Physical Review Letters.  

03 FEB


Our work on phase noise orginating from scattered light in second order nonlinear materials have been published in Physical Review A.  

15 DEC

Group member upgrade

Adriano Berni has joined QUIN for his ph.d. studies

30 JAN

Noise-less Quantum Amplification (Nature Physics)

We have constructed a quantum amplifier that decreases the uncertainty about the state’s phase. Counter-intuitively, the concept involves the addition of thermal noise...

30 JAN

Generating true random numbers from nothing (Nature Photonics)

We have made a simple device that generates true random numbers by measuring the vacuum state. The true randomness is ensured by the quantum uncertainty of the vacuum...

30 JAN

Quantum erasure-correcting code (Nature Photonics)

We have experimentally realized a new quantum error correction code for continuous variable quantum systems that is capable of protecting highly fragile quantum states...

13 APR

New paper in Physical Review Letters: Frequency doubling from a Whispering Gallery...

Our work on " Frequency doubling from a Whispering Gallery Mode Cavity with Ultra-High Q" has been published in Physical Review Letters  

14 AUG

Talks by visiting reseachers in August

In August the QUIN group have a number of interesting talks by visiting researches within the field of Quantum Information.

14 AUG

New staff member

Ph.D. Miroslav Jezek from Olomouc University og Czech Republic have joind the QUIN group as a Post. Doc.

23 MAR


Our theoretical work on quantum error erasure coding has been published in Physical Review Letters

23 MAR


Our work on the demonstration of a near optimal coherent state discriminator has been published in Physical Review Letters

23 MAR


Our work on Experimental entanglement distillation (in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute in Erlangen) has been published in Nature Physics . For further information...

23 MAR


Our work on the implementation of a SUM Gate in collaboration with Tokyo University (Akira Furusawa) has been published in Physical Review Letters . See also here

01 JUL

Scientists Seek Ultimate Control over Light

In a new project at DTU and the University of Copenhagen, scientists will attempt to attain control over the smallest particles of light – photons. The supercomputers of...

12 JUN

Ulrik Lund Andersen receives a large sum from FTP

Ulrik was awarded just under three million DKK for his project: Quantum Error Correction Coding in Optical Systems.

12 JUN

Ulrik Lund Andersen receives prestigious award

On Thursday January 24, associate professor Ulrik Lund Andersen received a Young Elite Researcher Award of DKK 200,000 from the Danish Minister for Science, Technology...