People at bigQ

As of the opening of bigQ on 12 January 2018, the group consists of ~30 members from 13 countries. The members of bigQ are also organized into the QPIT section at DTU Physics.

bigQ group photo 2017-12-15

December 2017

Back row: Christian, Tobias, Aleksander, Olivier, Casper, Arne, Sepehr, Joost, Alex H
Sitting: Rasmus, Xueshi, Shuro, Kristian, Nitin, Mikkel, Tine, Siva, Louise, Ulrik
Front row: Mads, Hossein, Dennis, Jan, Dino, Ilya, Jonas
Missing: Jørn, Kirstine, Ulrich, Haitham, Alex S

Earlier QPIT group photos

Name Title E-mail Building and room
Daniel Allepuz Requena Daniel Allepuz RequenaStudent Assistantdalre@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 159
Ulrik Lund Andersen Ulrik Lund AndersenProfessorulrik.andersen@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 254
Subhashish Barik Subhashish BarikPhD studentsubba@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 255
Maxime Bergamin Maxime BergaminPhD studentmaxbe@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 151
Anders Jannik Ehlers Bjerrum Anders Jannik Ehlers BjerrumPhD studentajebje@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 158
Jonatan Bohr Brask Jonatan Bohr BraskAssociate Professorjobb@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 152
Casper Rubæk Breum Casper Rubæk BreumPostdoccrbr@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 255
Rayssa Bruzaca de Andrade Rayssa Bruzaca de AndradePostdocrabda@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 259
Carles Roch i Carceller Carles Roch i CarcellerPhD studentcrica@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 162
Hou-Man Chin Hou-Man ChinPostdochomch@dtu.dkBld. 343, room 031b
Joshua David Clement Joshua David ClementPhD studentjodac@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 155
Lucas Nunes Faria Lucas Nunes FariaResearch Assistantlunfa@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 255
Luiz Couto Corrêa Pinto Filho Luiz Couto Corrêa Pinto FilhoPhD studentlcoco@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 253
Jonathan Foldager Jonathan FoldagerPhD studentjonf@dtu.dkBld. 321, room 112
Tobias Gehring Tobias GehringAssociate Professortobias.gehring@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 262
Rakshyakar Giri Rakshyakar GiriPostdocragiri@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 151
Xueshi Guo Xueshi GuoPostdocxguo@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 255
Adnan Adil Ebrahim Hajomer Adnan Adil Ebrahim HajomerPostdocaaeha@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 259
Jørn Otto Bindslev Hansen Jørn Otto Bindslev HansenProf. emeritusjbh@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 159
Jacob Hastrup Jacob HastrupPhD studentjhast@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 158
Ulrich Busk Hoff Ulrich Busk HoffSenior Adviserulrich.hoff@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 258
Alexander Huck Alexander HuckAssociate ProfessorAlexander.Huck@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 154
Dennis Høj Dennis HøjResearch Process Scientistdenho@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 251
Frederik Werner Isaksen Frederik Werner IsaksenPhD studentfrwis@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 251
Shuro Izumi Shuro IzumiPostdocsizumi@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 255
Michael Gide Jabbour Michael Gide JabbourPostdocmgija@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 158
Nitin Jain Nitin JainPostdocnitjai@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 162
Rasmus Høy Jensen Rasmus Høy JensenPostdocrasjen@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 151
Mathias Rønnow Jørgensen Mathias Rønnow JørgensenPhD studentmatrj@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 158
Deepak Khurana Deepak KhuranaPostdocdeekh@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 151
Tine Hougaard Klitmøller Tine Hougaard KlitmøllerSenior Executive Administration Officerklitmoeller@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 252
Benjamin Lundgren Larsen Benjamin Lundgren LarsenHjælpelæ
Mikkel Vilsbøll Larsen Mikkel Vilsbøll LarsenPostdocMIVILA@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 255
Bradley Longstaff Bradley LongstaffPostdocbrlon@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 158
Angelo Manetta Angelo ManettaPhD studentangma@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 253
Hossein Mani Hossein ManiPostdochosma@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 162
Jesper Mygind Jesper MygindEmeritus docentmyg@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 151
Jonas Schou Neergaard-Nielsen Jonas Schou Neergaard-NielsenSenior Researcherjsne@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 260
Sissel Bay Nielsen Sissel Bay NielsenPhD studentsibni@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 251
Jens Arnbak Holbøll Nielsen Jens Arnbak Holbøll NielsenPhD studentjearn@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 259
Anna Maria Charlotte Olofsson Anna Maria Charlotte OlofssonPhD studentamcol@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 253
Andreas Feldt Lomholt Poulsen Andreas Feldt Lomholt PoulsenPhD studentanflp@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 155
Ilya Radko Ilya RadkoResearcheriradko@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 159
Renato Ribeiro Domeneguetti Renato Ribeiro DomeneguettiPostdocrerdo@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 259
Dino Solar Nikolic Dino Solar NikolicPostdocdinon@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 148
Iyad Suleiman Iyad SuleimanPhD studentisule@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 259
Aleksander Tchernavskij Aleksander TchernavskijElectronics Engineera.tchernavskij@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 247
Luca Troise Luca TroisePhD studentlutro@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 155
Abhinav Verma Abhinav VermaStudent Assistantabhve@dtu.dkBld. 307, room 255
James Luke Webb James Luke WebbPostdocjaluwe@fysik.dtu.dkBld. 307, room 159
18 APRIL 2021