Tobias Gehring. Photografer Joachim Rode.
23 FEB

First quantum-safe data transfer in the Nordic region

Researchers secure an important win in the race against cybercriminals by using quantum communication to securely transfer data at Danske Bank.

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
Illustration of unambiguous state discrimination of coherent states
21 APR

Feedback receiver for quantum state discrimination

Over the course of two years, we demonstrated a number of improvements to the problem of efficiently telling overlapping quantum states apart. Here, we review these results...

Quantum theory and atomic physics Optics
Mathias Hoeg Boisen (tv) sammen med Marco Ugo Gambetta fra KPMG i laboratoriet.
24 MAR

Studerende tester kvantecomputers evne til aktieoptimering

I samarbejde med konsulentvirksomheden KPMG har en studerende fra DTU Fysik testet, om en kvantecomputer er bedre til at optimere en portefølje af aktier end en traditionel...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
Peeking into the quantum random number generator developed at DTU physics reveals a lot of seemingly ordinary optics and electronics. But together, the components form s high-speed and ultra-secure source of true randomness, enabled by quantum physics.
02 FEB

High-speed quantum random number generator secure against quantum attacks

At first glance, random numbers may seem trivial to produce and utterly useless. Not an easy sell. Isn’t it just a matter of flipping a coin? Not quite!

Quantum theory and atomic physics Information technology
Casper presenting his PhD thesis on Zoom
28 JAN

Congratulations, Dr. Breum

We congratulate Casper for successfully defending his PhD thesis.

Quantum theory and atomic physics
Five master projects in QPIT this spring
13 JAN

Five master projects in QPIT this spring

We're very happy to welcome five students who will do their final master projects in our section this spring. This is a record number for QPIT.

Quantum theory and atomic physics
Illustration af kvantekryptografi med satteliter
14 DEC

An extensive review on quantum cryptography published

Researchers from bigQ have together with 14 other institutions written an extensive review of 225 pages on quantum cryptography.

Quantum theory and atomic physics
18 APRIL 2024