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Tobias Gehring. Photografer Joachim Rode.
23 FEB

First quantum-safe data transfer in the Nordic region

Researchers secure an important win in the race against cybercriminals by using quantum communication to securely transfer data at Danske Bank.

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
Mathias Hoeg Boisen (tv) sammen med Marco Ugo Gambetta fra KPMG i laboratoriet.
24 MAR

Studerende tester kvantecomputers evne til aktieoptimering

I samarbejde med konsulentvirksomheden KPMG har en studerende fra DTU Fysik testet, om en kvantecomputer er bedre til at optimere en portefølje af aktier end en traditionel...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
18 OCT

Blanket of light may give better quantum computers

A ‘blanket’ of thousands of quantum-mechanically entangled light pulses has the potential to pave the way for more powerful quantum computers.

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Optics
Artwork by Jonas S. Neergaard-Nielsen (author) illustrating the cluster state generated in our work.
18 OCT

Tæppe af lys kan give bedre kvantecomputere

DTU-forskere har skabt et ‘tæppe’ af tusindvis af kvantemekanisk sammenfiltrede lyspulser, som har potentiale til at bane vejen for stærkere kvantecomputere.

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Optics
02 NOV

Vanguard of quantum society

A new basic research centre at DTU aims to secure Denmark a leading international position in the field of quantum technology. At the same time, the University is advancing...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen forsker i kvanteinformationsteknologier og er leder af kvanteinformationsgruppen på DTU Fysik
26 APR

Ulrik Lund Andersen modtager stor bevilling til nyt grundforskningscenter

Bevillingen fra Danmarks Grundforskningsfond går til et Center of Excellence ledet af Professor på DTU Fysik Ulrik Lund Andersen. Centeret skal sikre DTU Fysik en førende...

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Magnets Sensors Computer calculations Systems and data security Telecommunication Physics
14 DEC

The quantum computers of the future will work equally well with encrypted and...

When future users of quantum computers need to analyze their data or run quantum algorithms, they will often have to send encrypted information to the computer. Because...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Systems and data security
29 NOV

Squeezed states of light can improve feedback cooling significantly

In a recent proof-of-principle experiment, published in Nature Communications, researchers from DTU Physics have demonstrated how quantum-engineered states of light can...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Light sources
18 JULY 2024