10 JUL

DTU researchers tighten grip on quantum computer

In a new groundbreaking work, researchers from DTU have now realized the complete platform for an optical quantum computer. The platform is universal and scalable, it all...

Physics Information technology
Peeking into the quantum random number generator developed at DTU physics reveals a lot of seemingly ordinary optics and electronics. But together, the components form s high-speed and ultra-secure source of true randomness, enabled by quantum physics.
02 FEB

High-speed quantum random number generator secure against quantum attacks

At first glance, random numbers may seem trivial to produce and utterly useless. Not an easy sell. Isn’t it just a matter of flipping a coin? Not quite!

Quantum theory and atomic physics Information technology
Dino recieves Inno-explorer grant
15 FEB

Dino Nikolic receives an inno-explorer grant

Dino Nikolic receives inno-explorer grant from the Innovation Foundation Denmark to explore a new type of quantum random number generator.

Physics Information technology
Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen forsker i kvanteinformationsteknologier og er leder af kvanteinformationsgruppen på DTU Fysik
26 APR

Ulrik Lund Andersen modtager stor bevilling til nyt grundforskningscenter

Bevillingen fra Danmarks Grundforskningsfond går til et Center of Excellence ledet af Professor på DTU Fysik Ulrik Lund Andersen. Centeret skal sikre DTU Fysik en førende...

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14 DEC

The quantum computers of the future will work equally well with encrypted and...

When future users of quantum computers need to analyze their data or run quantum algorithms, they will often have to send encrypted information to the computer. Because...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Systems and data security
Ulrik Lund Andersen
07 APR

The beginning of commercial quantum technology

So far, quantum physics has mainly been a theoretical discipline. Now, a major EURO 10,7 million investment by Innovation Fund Denmark will further develop the mysterious...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Sensors Systems and data security Health and diseases
07 JAN

A top five research of the year

Every year in December the Danish journal Ingeniøren elects the best Danish research results of the year in the fields of natural and technical sciences. Among the 2015...

Information technology Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Systems and data security
Secure internet communication
29 MAY

One step closer to secure Internet communication

Every day, most of us transmit personal data over the Internet. Secure communication is thus an absolute necessity. In a new article in Nature Photonics, researchers...

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Systems and data security Telecommunication
18 APRIL 2024