22 DEC

A top five research of the year

Measurement device independent QKD has been chosen as the top five research of 2015 in Året Rundt edition of Ingeniøren.

09 DEC

Hugo Defended

Hugo successfully defended his PhD thesis on Squeezing-enhanced feedback cooling of a microresonator .

01 NOV

Mads in the House

New PhD student

01 OCT

Welcome to Xueshi and Shuro

Xueshi joins us as a postdoc and Shuro visits as guest PhD student

01 SEP

Q-pitsters racing at the speed of light

(in a strongly dispersive material, at least...)

11 AUG

A gentle quantum touch with high precision

Highly sensitive measurements of biological samples can be realized by laser light in e.g. an optical microscope. However, light might also damage or alter the fragile...

23 JUN

Ulrik awarded Sapere Aude grant

Ulrik receives the prestigious Sapere Aude: DFF-Advanced Grant

Quantum theory and atomic physics Optics Light sources
29 MAY

One step closer to secure Internet communication

Every day, most of us transmit personal data over the Internet. Secure communication is thus an absolute necessity. In a new article in Nature Photonics, researchers...

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Systems and data security Telecommunication
18 MAY

Ulrich Defended

After a fascinating defense, Ulrich concluded his PhD thesis on Integrated Quantum Optics, Experiments towards integrated quantum-light sources and quantum-enhanced sensing...

23 JAN

Grant from Villum Foundation

Jonas has been awarded a postdoc grant under the VILLUM FONDEN Young Investigator Programme.
17 OCTOBER 2019