06 OCT

Measurement-induced macroscopic superposition states in cavity optomechanics

Researchers from the QPIT section at DTU Physics have conceived a new optomechanical protocol for generating Schrödinger cat-like states of a mechanical oscillator, adding...

01 OCT


Welcome to the PhD-student Dino.

02 SEP

DHL relay race

Faster and faster

01 SEP

Two new members of QPIT

Welcome to Nitin and Aleksander.

25 AUG

Is it possible to prepare quantum states of “heavy” objects?

A new project at DTU Physics has set out to examine whether heavy objects like cantilevers and springs can be steered into quantum states. The question is one of the most...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Sensors
01 AUG

Two new PhD-students

We welcome the two new PhD-students Arne and Mikkel.

07 APR

The beginning of commercial quantum technology

So far, quantum physics has mainly been a theoretical discipline. Now, a major EURO 10,7 million investment by Innovation Fund Denmark will further develop the mysterious...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Sensors Systems and data security Health and diseases
01 APR

Ulrich is back

Ulrich Busk Hoff is back in the group after half a year in Australia.

07 JAN

A top five research of the year

Every year in December the Danish journal  Ingeniøren elects the best Danish research results of the year in the fields of natural and technical sciences. Among the 2015...

Information technology Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Systems and data security
01 JAN

New members of QPIT

We have three new people in the QPIT group.