DTU Health Tech – open for collaboration

Thursday 27 Jun 19

As a relatively new department at DTU, the Department of Health Technology has an ambition to create and strengthen collaboration with stakeholders from academia, industry and society.

In addition, the department aspires to be open minded and obtain inspiration from the latest trends in research and in health.

On 25 June, DTU Health Tech invited collaborators and staff for an afternoon of networking and reflection. In addition to a presentation about the department's vision and ambitions, three representatives from DTU Health Tech's scientific divisions gave a short introduction to the exciting research that takes place in the new organisation.
Finally, the external speaker PhD Britt Wray, provided the audience with an interesting perspective on collaboration, science and ethics.

The Department of Health Technology combines the wet (vaccine, drug delivery, tissue engineering) and the dry (sensors and instruments) with the data – i.e. Digital Health represented by Head of Section Jakob Bartram


Biosensors and drug delivery is another area that the department gladly collaborate with Health and industry about. Here represented by Head of Section, Professor Anja Boisen.


Britt Wray, PhD. Ass. Partner DareDisrupt: 'We have to get uncomfortable once in a while  - and see what we can do with interdisciplinary collaboration'.


As the President of DTU, Anders Bjarklev (to the right), says: 'Health technology is an area with lots of challenges and lots of opportunities - and we look forward to the collaboration.'
That goes for the Head of Department, Jørgen Schøller (in the middle), and the researchers as well.