Together, we focus on digitalisation and strategy

Monday 08 Jul 19


Nikolay Krasimirov Dimitrov
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind Energy
+45 61 39 63 28

A cross cutting activity at DTU Wind Energy looks into making a common digitalisation strategy

Two years ago, a group of researchers form DTU Wind Energy started working on the Cross Cutting Activity on digitalization.

Senior Researcher at DTU Wind Energy Nikolay Krasimirov Dimitrov is in charge of the activity, and according to him, the activity could provide more value in the research:

Digital twins and handling of data

“The project started about two years ago by looking at big data and digitalization. We had a working group that explored the opportunities for how we can contribute to this area, and we prioritize two specific things”, he says and elaborates:

“One will be to improve data management. As it is today, we have a great amount of data, but we spend most of the time on handling data rather than on using the data for scientific analysis. The other is to look into the concept of digital twins.”

A Digital twin is a dynamic digital representation of an industrial asset. Representing a fusion between the digital and physical worlds, the digital twin mirrors the operating history of its physical twin, and carries out analyses to help optimize costs and performance. In order to reach our goal, we go in depth in several advanced scientific fields including numerical modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data and connectivity.

At the WindEurope Conference and Exhibition in Bilbao earlier this year, Senior Researcher Anna Maria Sempreviva, a member of the digitalization CCA team, received a poster award for a poster on ‘Open Science: Sharing data, tools and workflows. According to Nikolay Dimitrov, the poster is connected to the part of the project dealing with data management.
4 AUGUST 2020