PRA 95 033809 (2017)

Elimination of nonlinear light-matter interactions

Friday 24 Mar 17


Niels Engholm Henriksen
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 20 29

In a new theoretical work Niels Engholm Henriksen from DTU Chemistry and international collaborators demonstrate a coherent single-photon absorption scheme that eliminates the nonlinear interactions of ultrafast laser pulses with quantum systems, obtaining a perfectly linear respons of the system with respect to the spectral energy density of the incident light. By using an optimized spectral phase of the ultrafast laser pulse the single-photon absorption probability is maximized and all possible nonlinear optical responses are eliminated.

The work deepens the understanding of light-matter interactions and offers a way to study photophysical and photochemical processes in the "absence" of nonlinear optical effects. It is thus of both fundamental importance and practical relevance to the field of quantum technology.

Publication: Chuan-Cun Shu, Daoyi Dong, Ian R. Peterson and Niels E. Henriksen, Physical Review Letters 95, 033809 (2017)

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.95.033809

Link: Phys Rev A 95 033809 (2017)